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ReTurn's mission is to mobilize migrants (The Diaspora) to reconnect with the places they have traced their lineages, empower them to reclaim their sense of identity, and unite them with locals living in the places they reconnected with to build more inclusive societies. ReTurn is calling on diaspora everywhere to (Re)Engage with the places where they are from or where they have traced their lineages.


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million international migrants worldwide (2017)

UN International Migration Report 2017


of all international migrants were living in just twenty countries.

UN International Migration Report 2017


is the median age of international migrants worldwide 

UN International Migration Report 2017


Million migrants were estimated to be refugees and asylum seekers (2016)

UN International Migration Report 2017

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  • Facilitate interdisciplinary exchanges between locals and their diaspora

  • Utilize media (i.e. Film) to engage the public with the conversation of what the role of diaspora can be in the developing world

  • Utilize our blog space to allow both locals and diaspora to speak about what divides them and what can connect them

  • Identify and address identity challenges that Diaspora have

  • Foster networks of local leaders and practitioners to aid the diaspora in their pursuit of reconnect

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