The ReTurn Ambassadors Fellowship program empowers local practitioners and leaders living within contexts to serves as a liaison between their country and its diaspora. ReTurn Ambassadors help encourage locals and their diaspora to be cooperative. They are qualified individuals who pride themselves on helping their diaspora learn new things and unlearn false narratives. They work as the eyes and ears on the ground to support with development and community projects.


  • Aba Wilson

    Ghana - (Re)Evaluate

    A diaspora herself, she is eager to help others ReEvaluate themselves.​

  • Ingrid Lynca

    Burundi - (Re)Evaluate

    She considers it a great honor to be able to help others identify and reconnect.

    Learn more about Ingrid: HERE

  • Paul Louis Bempong

    Ghana (Re)Educate

    Mr. Bempong is ready to work alongside diaspora to facilitate their ReEducation.

  • Desiré Tuyishemeze

    Burundi (Re)Educate

    A leader committed to the well-being of communities, He is looking forward to ReEducate.

  • Silas Achidago

    Ghana - (Re)Build

    As your ReBuild Ambassador, He seeks to facilitate projects that are collaborative and tackle root issues.

  • Arthur Mugisha

    Burundi (Re)Build

    He is adamant that he will serve as a dynamic ReTurn Ambassador for his homeland Burundi.

  • Emmanuel Osoteku


    His Feed A Family Project is exactly the type of project we want to get the Diaspora engaged with in Nigeria.

  • Victor T. Nyanhete


    This Zimbabwe Youth Program Manager

    is the exact person you want to laison with on the ground.

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