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Clay Shoe Award

For leaders using sports to change the world

This award is given to young leaders around the world who are using sports to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth in their community, bringing together groups that otherwise would not meet, and inspiring other youth to get active.


Each recipient will be supported in their endeavors on the ground through opportunities to share their work to a wider audience. Recipients will be connected to diaspora who are eager to use sports as a peace-building tool in the areas they are from. ​  


This award is in partnership with The Pro Power Foundation, a non-profit 501(C)3 organization based in the Washington D.C. USA. Pro Power is dedicated to giving the opportunity for a successful start in education and sports to all children regardless of age, race, gender, family composition, income or community.

Mr. Mamudu Sina Salifu is the founder of SpEdu a sports education initiative in Ghana that brings boys and girls together to be active, stay off the street, and grow as individuals. He stresses the importance of giving women equitable access to sports and shares that he wants all diaspora to connect with him in developing sports in Ghana.

Watch His Video


Nominations are open. Please feel free to nominate anyone under the age of 28 who you believe is using sports to positively impact the community they live in. Make sure to tell us their name, age, country, and why you believe they are someone deserving of this award.

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