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The Diaspora

If you are one of the 258 million international migrants around the world (or the descendant of one), you are who we at ReTurn call the Diaspora. This is a term that is defined as the dispersion of any people from their original homeland. Diaspora leave their countries for a number of reasons - some flee war and cruelty while others come for a variety of other reasons. Yet, most diaspora agree that leaving their home countries increased educational opportunities, opened the door for higher paying jobs, and gave them access to new found freedoms.


None of these things mean you have to lose touch with your heritage. Being an international migrant doesn't disqualify your heritage! At ReTurn, we want to help you (Re)Engage and (Re)Connect in ways that aren't damaging, but rather empowering.


So, to help diaspora (Re)Engage, we have developed a framework for diaspora to use.


Diaspora Framework

We are asking the diaspora to (Re) Evaluate their practices - No, not just your practices as an individual, but the practices of diaspora as a whole. Take time to reflect on the negatives and positives that have been carried out by diaspora. Assess your privileges in this world and how much influence you actually have. Be mindful that you have the power to change the world for the better, and that you have to hold yourself accountable.


After (Re) Evaluating, we are asking that diaspora (Re) Educate themselves - There are narratives that diaspora must learn and unlearn. To do this, diaspora need to take the voices and opinions of the people within the contexts they wish to support seriously. Diaspora need to commit to learning, not just teaching.


Lastly, we are asking that diaspora (Re) Build - Not just rebuild the places they are from, but rebuild the narratives of how diaspora can create positive impacts. To build, we call on the diaspora to work collaboratively with the people they seek to support rather than simply with them in mind.

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