Broken & Solved by Man

A better life is possible because any problem created by man can be solved by man.
Photo by Tim Wright

I am Solomon Obeng Appiah from Ghana. I am an entrepreneur and educational technology tutor. I am passionate about Science, technology, engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) in developing countries. I am always brainstorming and working on how to make the teaching of STEM practical by using teaching methods and techniques that make use of all the learning styles. I’m also determined to build a business that will last for years and provide quality products and services for people. I love to solve problems and figure out better ways of doing things.

The ReTurn Movement is a great movement which has the potential to make lives better and gives an opportunity to man to help man.

Similar movement have been brought up for years, but none have officially documented and operated like this one. I remember when I was young, I would see and hear of people from my country whose ancestors left for many years to Europe and America returning home to support their people to develop their community. When these people returned, we used to call them by the country that they return from, so for example if they return from the United States, we would call them Ghanaian American natives. The diaspora have contributed massively to the betterment of their communities. In my community, for example, they have helped in the building of schools and churches.

When I read about this movement, It reminded me of the good days where our brothers and sister used to return to their ancestral land and empowered we the people through workshops and developmental projects and programs. I believe this movement will similar provide opportunities for people to be a part of. I strongly believe that talent is cosmopolitan which is evenly distributed in the world. Every day new babies are born in Africa, Asia, Europe, America etc., with talents of various kinds. One of the things that will make them different from one another is their access to an enabling environment (better opportunities). I believe this movement will help provide equitable opportunities.

I see this movement as a triple T movement.

  • A movement which will Teach

  • A movement which will Touch

  • A movement which will Transform

The ReTurn movement will teach people to live life to the fullest. It will touch the hopeless and gives them hope to live their dreams. The ReTurn movement which will transform lives for better by creating opportunities for better life.

If they fish for us, they will feed us for a day, but if they teach us to fish they will feed us for a lifetime.

As an educator, I plan to contribute to the success story of this great movement by playing an active role in its activities. I will teach, touch and transform lives with what I know and what I will learn from this movement as well. It is my hope that the ReTurn movement will help create more opportunity to make STEM education practical and enjoyable. As an entrepreneur also I will contribute to the establishment of great social business which will last for years. I am in 100% in because this is a movement where man is helping man to live a better life.

- Solomon Obeng Appiah