ClayShoe Award: Mamudu Sina Salifu

The Clay Shoe Award is given to young leaders around the world who are using sports to improve the lives of disadvantaged youth in their community, bringing together groups that otherwise would not meet, and inspiring other youth to get active. 

Mr. Mamudu Sina Salifu is the founder of SpEdu a sports education initiative in Ghana that brings boys and girls together to be active, stay off the street, and grow as individuals. He stresses the importance of giving women equitable access to sports and shares that he wants all diaspora to connect with him in developing sports in Ghana.


Since receiving the award, Mr. Mamudu Sina Salifu and SpEDU has been up to a lot:

21 September 2018: SPEDU welcomed individuals from Cuba (‘Cuban trains‘) where they played a friendly game between the University of Ghana Baseball team. The ‘Cuban trains’ consist of individuals from Cuba who are working in the army, some are doctors, and some work in the Cuban embassy. These individuals have strong love for the game of baseball and wanted to have a good time in Ghana, so they decided to play with the university baseball team. SPEDU saw this as an opportunity to help develop the game of baseball, so they made the necessary arrangements.

09 October 2018: The SPEDU team hit the streets of Accra specifically the “La ‘slum’area.” They met a young boy who explained to them that, he is currently not in school due to some financial constraints. The boy suggested that there’d be other boys and girls who were in similar situations to him at the beach.

He directed the team there and they met some other young boys who were moulding building blocks [rather than being in school]. The team spoke to them about SPEDU training. They were eager to learn more about baseball which was very new to them. The SPEDU team had a conversation with them about the importance of playing sports and how one can acquire certain values in life through sports . They also discussed them the danger of being on the streets and how playing and indulging in sports can be an outlet that saves them.