Home: More Than A Place For Jobs

"Any fool can criticize, condemn and complain and most fools do." - Benjamin Franklin

Photo by Ali Arif Soydaş

We are in a day and age where nothing seems to work. Institutions are failing, crime and corruption is on the rise, untold hardships and discrimination are common and integrity, sacrifice, as well as selflessness are hard to come by. We all see these problems rearing its ugly head and staring at our faces, but all we do is complain and cry foul from one radio or television station to another. We have more people talking than acting. We have become experts in identifying problems, but extremely passive in taking action. Is there no hope for a change? Have we already given up on ourselves?

"Never spend a second of your life complaining. Complaining doesn't solve problems, it attracts them. The more you complain, the more problems you'll have and the more you infect people with your problems. Don't be an infection. Be a cure!"

They say little drops of water help make a mighty ocean. I can't help but wonder what would happen if we stop complaining about our problems and take action, if we stop putting the blame on our leaders and create the change ourselves. Perhaps, our new mindsets will be the droplets needed to create a ripple, a wave?

The ReTurn team has recognized that there are a number of Ghanian diaspora who want to help address some of these issues. I believe their help will be critical. However, while they may be very interested in tackling some of the issues I listed above, many of them are still weary of actually taking the necessary steps do so. Sure, they may be desirous of being reintegrated to their roots and helping develop the country, but their fears of ending up as failures seem to be limiting them. Many are scared they won't find good jobs or be able to live the comfortable life they wish to live. If our diaspora are serious about helping solve our problems, they must not allow these fears hold them back. We must work diligently to ensure that these fears do not begin to overwhelm their desire to serve alongside us. We must make sure there is a change in mindset. What I'm saying is, it is time to let your passions lead you here!

Current world unemployment rates are increasing and some are saying this may be the case for awhile, but there is hope. The growing interest and call for social entrepreneurship is creating new opportunities and a bridge for diaspora to come with innovative ideas. Unemployment shouldn't be what stops you from coming home. Your innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship is desired as well!

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Imagine if we all diverted our energies to creating employment through social interventions instead of depending on the scarce or non-existent job opportunities. Imagine if we collate our skill set and put it to good use in our home countries.

Imagine - when against the odds - we choose to believe in and invest in the present and future of our countries.

While some of the change we hope to see may not come immediately, every step in the right direction cannot leave us where we are now. The work will be hard, but I believe if we do it together, we will do it well.

Posterity eagerly looks to us for something better, to rebuild our rich heritage that appears to be deteriorating by the second, to retell our story. The labors of heroes past should not be in vain. Much has been given to us and much is expected of us. Through our collective effort as we ReTurn with all hands on deck...

Africa can rise again, but we must be willing to help it ReBuild.

- Silas Achidago