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ReTurn Burundi

Updated: Aug 13, 2018

Ingrid Lynca Ninani currently lives in Bujumbura. She serves as the country coordinator of a youth led association composed by burundians living in Burundi and abroad. Their mission is to work towards a Burundi with no street children. She wants to see a Burundi where the fundamental rights of having a meal and an education are met. Having spent the most part of her childhood in Tanzania and Kenya, 10 years to be exact, she got to experience reconnecting and falling in love with Burundi all over again. She says that, while It was an amazing experience, it was also very challenging. She credits her amazing friends who walked her through (Re)Evaluating her culture and country. She now considers it a great honor to be able to help others identify and reconnect.

Désiré Tuyishemeze is a leader committed to the well-being of communities. He graduated from the University of Burundi in Clinical and Social Psychology. Désiré is a YALI (Young African Leaders Initiative) alumnus and is currently involved in many community based Initiatives. He has contributed in many campaigns against malaria, against gender-based violence, sex education, family planning. He also is acting as a facilitator- psychologist and Responsible of the psychosocial support and well-being at Creators of Peace Burundi in a project called MUNTUNUWUNDI- Peace Circles and Development. He believes serving communities is his mission. He is looking forward to (Re)Educate!

Arthur Mugisha graduated in marketing management from the UNIVERSITE LUMIERE DE BUJUMBURA. He is a peer educator for the N.G.O (PSI  BURUNDI).

He is also the co-founder and C.F.O for the association YBSP (Youth Building in Synergy to end Poverty). He is adamant that he will serve as a dynamic ReTurn Ambassador for his homeland Burundi. He will serve as the ReTurn Ambassador for (Re)Build.

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