ReTurn Ghana

Updated: Jul 6, 2018

ReTurn Ghana has been launched. Here you will learn about all the exciting ways to work with our ReTurn Ambassadors in Ghana and other initiatives going on and networks you should consider being a part of. The ReTurn Ambassadors of Ghana are saying "come home and come build!"

Aba Wilson

Ms. Wilson is a highly motivated young lady who prides herself on diaspora relations. Currently pursuing a Masters in African Development, she believes that Ghana's development has just begun and it is critical that we take new opportunities seriously. A diaspora herself, having moved back to Ghana two years ago after spending the majority of her life in the United Kingdom, she is eager to help others ReEvaluate themselves. She is ready to work with you to make you a more connected diaspora.   

Paul Louis Bempong

Mr. Bempong is ready to work alongside diaspora to facilitate their ReEducation. Holding a graduate degree in Business Journalism and having had excellent media exposure,  Mr. Bempong is prepared to offer his expertise to diaspora. As the founder of the Bempong Educational Empowerment Foundation, he is very passionate about education in Ghana. He is ready to help you learn new exciting details about Ghana and unlearn false narratives you may have learned in the past. 

Silas Achidago

Mr. Achidago is a well connected young man who is focused on supporting initiatives that build Ghana up. Over the years he has become well known for both his planning expertise and his ability to execute projects he is a part of. As your ReBuild Ambassador, He seeks to facilitate projects that are collaborative and tackle root issues. He wants to surround any diaspora who is interested in building the country up with the right team and network  that care about the people being impacted by the problems.