What Is Happening In Cameroon?

ReTurn takes pride in supporting young leaders around the world with the work they do to advance the societies they live in and to promote peace. The answers bellow are by a young leader who wants to see peace in Cameroon. That individual's identify has been concealed for safety reasons. Below the Q&A are resources for you to learn more about what is going on from various sources.


Villagers from Belo, in Cameroon’s north-west, flee the fighting, heading for nearby Bamenda. (Pictures from Guardian Article - Photos by by Peter Zongo)

  1. To your best knowledge, what is happening in Cameroon? "There is civil unrest and political crisis which has been baptized "The Anglophone Crisis" which is as a result of the marginalization of the english speaking parts of Cameroon. There are some parts of the English population advocating for Federalism while others want secession from the french part, La Republic. There are sporadic and consistent attacks between the government forces and the anti government forces. These have resulted in numerous casualties, countless deaths, burnt homes and displaced persons."

  2. How did you learn about what is happening in Cameroon? "I live in Cameroon, in Bamenda the capital of the North West Region one of the two english regions. I school in Buea the Capital of the South West Region, the second of the two english regions."

  3. Do you believe international organizations and institutions have failed in speaking about what is going on in Cameroon? If yes, what role should the international community be playing in Cameroon? "International organizations have failed for things aren't getting better. As the days go by the number of casualties, deaths and displaced persons rises geometrically. Life is becoming more than harsh in these regions despite international organisations having good knowledge of what is happening in these regions. More pressure should be out on the government to address the crisis, not with cosmetic solutions as they have been trying to do over the past couple of months but through meaningful dialogue without which there would be a civil war as the presidential elections are around the corner (October 7th 2018)."

  4. Do you believe more people, regardless of country, should speak up about what is happening in Cameroon? "More voices should be heard crying against the disheartening [things] happenings in Cameroon. The louder the voices the greater the pressure."

  5. What would you say to people who are timid about speaking out about what is currently happening in Cameroon? "They should stay strong and help those in the position to speak out fearlessly about the crisis by providing accurate on the ground information of what is happening in the nation."

  6. How do you believe Cameroonian diaspora can help address what is happening in Cameroon? "They can influence international bodies to take action against the government due to what is going on."

  7. How can individuals gain access to unbiased information about what is happening in Cameroon? "Create a network wherein those on the grounds can provide the information. Channels that can work in the absence of internet could also be utilized since there might be an internet shutdown with the advent of the presidential elections."

A local government building in Batibo, destroyed by ADF rebels (Pictures from Guardian Article - Photos by by Peter Zongo)


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